What makes the vision of Greater Faith Community Action Corporation come to life is the hard work and dedication of the volunteers.  With over 250 part-time volunteers, GFCAC provides valuable services on a daily basis to the homeless, hungry and needy.  Volunteer activities include food preparation and serving at The Master’s Table Soup Kitchen, transporting meals, taking individuals to/from work and appointments, assisting with special events such as the Thanksgiving Day community meal, in-home counseling, coordinating clothing donations, and other community services.  The volunteer staff are from various churches throughout the community, civic clubs, school groups, and individuals.  With the rapid growth in the soup kitchen alone, currently 40-45 a day, more volunteers are needed to serve the guests.  Anyone interested in volunteering please contact (615)384-8682, (615)430-2294, or (615)384-4480 or by e-mail at inquire@gfcaction.org.   Volunteers can serve as little as two hours per week.  Every person can make a difference, so please – get involved!


I volunteered at the Master’s Table because I needed to write a paper for my college class.  I wanted to conduct a study about the hungry or homeless.  I believed that this is America and no one is hungry.  Then, I watched the people as they entered the restaurant.  Some were dirty…but I had to humble myself.  Then I served them with a smile and had a conversation with them.  Now, I am volunteering, and not just to pass my college class.  I have become a better steward.

Master’s Table Volunteer

I just love sharing with the women.  Just to see their faces light up when I talk to them and they can see that I care…the time just goes by so quickly.  I thought I would have had to be on drugs to have anything to talk to them about, but I quickly learned that they don’t all have a drug problem.  These are people just like you and me who have just had some bad turns in life.  They just need to know somebody cares.

Sheltering Arms Women’s Home Volunteer

It was just awesome!  Just to see so many people working together – and so organized.  I’ll never forget the expressions on the people’s faces when we gave them food and blankets. One lady said ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.  This is so nice of you.’ To see the tears – it was worth it all!  I’m definitely coming back next year.

Master’s Table Volunteer (Thanksgiving)


There are many ways to give back to the community by volunteering.  Each one brings a rewarding experience of its own.  Just find something that fits your personality and give us a call.  You won’t be sorry!

Remember – Anyone interested in volunteering please contact GFCAC, (615)384-8682, (615)430-2294, or (615)384-4480, or by e-mail at inquire@gfcaction.org. Volunteers can serve as little as two hours per week.  Every person can make a difference, so please – get involved!
  • Food server (all hours)

  • Dishwasher ( for in-restaurant dining)

  • Driver – deliver plates to elderly and homebound

  • Assistant cook

  • Solicit/coordinate food donations

  • Christian Counselor, one night per week

  • Driver – take individuals to/from work and appointments

  • Special events (fundraisers, festivals, clothing drives, etc.)

  • Grant writing & research

  • Donor management – maintain database, solicitations, thank-you letters

  • Donor management – maintain database, solicitations, thank-you letters

  • Job placement assistance

  • Evangelism and recruitment

  • On-call/emergency response

  • Storage – pickup, delivery, storage of furniture & appliances

  • Assist with Fundraising and Capital Campaign

  • Assist with recovery support services

  • Set-up for AA/NA, substance abuse recovery meetings

  • Answer phone, greet visitors, filing

  • Graphic design – Newsletter, fliers, posters, promotionals

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Phone solicitations and fundraising

  • Transportation


All donations will be used towards operational support of our transitional homes, the Master’s Table soup kitchen, and for community programs and services. Your gift will make an immediate positive impact on someone suffering from addiction, homelessness, hunger, joblessness, poverty, grief, and other deep hurts.