GFCAC gives back

GFCAC gives back to the community in many ways. Many people have come through the transitional homes and have shared testimonials of how their life was changed through the ministry of GFCAC.  In the words of one of our first residents, Jim Campbell, “I’ve never seen a place like Greater Faith.  It’s a place where everybody is somebody.  The vision of this ministry is amazing.”

GFCAC is continuing to make a difference in the Springfield & Robertson County community.  Besides the transitional homes, we have expanded the ministry into a non-profit soup kitchen, The Master’s Table, which provides warm meals daily to the hungry.  The Master’s Table opened on Thanksgiving Day 2008 and fed over 250 people on opening day.  With over 50 part-time volunteers and 3 full-time, the kitchen feeds over 40 persons a day during the soup kitchen hours.  Besides providing daily meals to the hungry, the Master’s Table provides immediate volunteer opportunities to the men and women in the transitional homes, who desperately need activity to avoid idle time to regain a sense of belonging.

On Thanksgiving Day 2009, The Master’s Table, in partnership with Springfield Baptist Church, other local churches, and individuals, provided meals to over 345 men, women, and children.  In addition, pillows and blankets were provided for homeless persons living in abandoned houses and those living in substandard conditions.  The people we reached were overwhelmed.  “I can’t believe you all are doing this for us. This is so wonderful”, said one very surprised resident.  In all, over 50 pillows and blankets were given away to the needy. 

In 2017, GFCAC provided direct assistance to 1,108 unduplicated individuals including food, clothing, shelter, counseling, job placement, and transportation.  The Master’s Table Soup Kitchen provided approximately 15,463 free meals to the hungry and poor, including over 1,500 meals on Thanksgiving Day alone.  Once again, over 25 churches participated in feeding the hungry.

In spring of 2009 GFCAC was blessed to lease a community building from the Springfield Housing Authority, free of charge, to administer non-profit programs and services for the community.  We are very excited about the GFCAC Community Center, which is now used to host GED/Adult Literacy classes, substance abuse classes, small community getherings and other community-focused projects. “The location is perfect, says Pastor Gardner.  “It’s right on the street, centrally located, in one of the neediest parts of the city.  People can walk right in and receive help.”

GFCAC’s accomplishments in just a few short years have been tremendous.  These milestones are a direct reflection of the strong community support, and the overwhelming need for the services GFCAC provides.  Many men and women have been helped by GFCAC, either through the transitional housing program, Master’s Table, Bransford Revitalization Project, or other supportive services.  As the need grows, so must the ministry grow to accommodate the need.  Currently, we are in need of  a family shelter to provide short-term housing for homeless or displaced families.  We are now in need of a larger facility to feed the hungry, and we need more transitional homes.  Our vision is to secure an older hotel or apartment building and renovate into a short-term shelter to house individuals and families.  We solicit your prayers and support towards this goal.  In the words of one of our recent female residents, “Prayer can make it happen.  It worked for me!”


All donations will be used towards operational support of our transitional homes, the Master’s Table soup kitchen, and for community programs and services. Your gift will make an immediate positive impact on someone suffering from addiction, homelessness, hunger, joblessness, poverty, grief, and other deep hurts.