GFCAC Mission Statement

The mission of GFCAC is to empower individuals to maintain a better standard of living in the Springfield, Robertson County Community.  We provide transitional housing, short term shelter, a soup kitchen, and supportive programs to assist the homeless, substance abusers, and the poor.  Through structured programs which include cooperative efforts with other social service agencies and organizations, participants progressively learn principals of recovery from chemical dependency, life skills, job skills, principals of financial independence, and faith in the power of Jesus Christ to restore the whole man – body, soul, and spirit.


“I have nowhere to go. Can you help me?” Week after week Greater Faith Apostolic Church (now City of Faith Church) of Springfield, Tennessee was faced with this question, and other passionate pleas for help.

Like many smaller churches, we were poorly equipped to meet the basic needs of the homeless and poor, like housing, clothing, and regular meals. So for many years our hearts were broken as more and more people came to our door needing so much more than a good sermon and a one-night stay at a local hotel.

The nagging, passionate desire to do more burned in the hearts of our congregation and in the heart of our pastor, Robert Gardner.  As an 18-year employee of the City of Springfield, Robert saw first-hand the depraved conditions of the city and lack of services and housing for the homeless and poor.  This problem was magnified in December 2005 when during a routine survey by the city codes inspector, several families were discovered living in makeshift box tents behind the Center Stage Shopping Center.  Upon seeing these pictures, Robert could not get the images out of his mind.  He told his wife, Peggy, “This is not just a big-city problem anymore.  It’s right here in small-town America, and we’ve got to do something!  God would not be bringing these people to our door if he did not expect us to help them.  I mean real help.”


The Master’s Table is Springfield, Tennessee’s best kept secret.  To the casual observer, it may appear to be just another “meat & three”, but upon entering the door of The Master’s Table, you’ll know something is different.  That difference, according to Pastor Robert Gardner, is attributed to two things:  the people, and the spirit of Jesus Christ.  Every morning from 10-11 a.m., people enter the Master’s Table from all walks of life to receive a free warm meal.  Nobody is turned away or asked any questions about their ability to pay, we simply show the heart of Jesus.  While there, we hope that they receive much more than a warm meal.  Whether an encouraging word from the cheerful volunteers and cooks, a moving story from the inspirational videos, or simply the feeling that someone actually does care, we know that we’ve made a difference in somebody’s life today.



“For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in.” (Matthew 25:35)


All donations will be used towards operational support of our transitional homes, the Master’s Table soup kitchen, and for community programs and services. Your gift will make an immediate positive impact on someone suffering from addiction, homelessness, hunger, joblessness, poverty, grief, and other deep hurts.